About Us

Welcome to Zinnia!

Here's a little about us!

Our “Why?”:

Welcome to the Zinnia fam. Our mission is to end to suffering in the world in all the ways we can. We believe it is crucial to take care of ourselves and others in times of need. We concentrate these efforts on mental health, a cause near and dear to us, but also support other social movements such as equal rights, food and water access, and sustainability. We believe, in the depths of our hearts, that everyone should have the right to safety, peace, and joy.

Our “How?”:

 We donate $2 of every sale we make to charity. This donation is automatically sent at time of purchase, so we never handle these funds. We utilize social media to promote our store and blog to spread our cause and connect with other caring individuals. We currently work other jobs, but it is our goal to use the rest of the proceeds to further build this business to hopefully work towards our mission full time and make as big of an impact as possible. 

Our “What?”:

We offer educational content and resources to help people make impactful changes in their lives. We share product reviews and suggestions of affiliate brands that we believe align with our mission. These sources will generate revenue to support and further our cause. We also offer more sustainable "slow fashion" clothing by using a print-on-demand method where we only produce the product once it is ordered. This cuts down on waste due to overproductions and saves us time and resources to focus on our mission. We aim for our clothing and accessories to remind people that they are loved, their life is meaningful, and they can overcome their struggles. We do our best to select eco-friendly and ethically sourced products and commit to making decisions with these concerns at the forefront. While we are not currently plastic free due to our current production partners limitations, we aim to be by 2025.


We are not perfect, but we care a whole lot and will do all we can to listen and constantly improve.


We'd love for you to join us on this mission!


Zach Shutz | Founder 

Zinnia Goods LLC